Todaisen Nobuhara

High Priest of Todai-ji in charge of Onmyouji.


The head priest (working under the head priestess) of Todai-ji, leader of the shrine’s Onmyouji, and current head of the temple’s founding family. A short man whose unassuming presence hides a calculating and precise mind. His right forearm was cut off in battle with Yokokazu Ume, and he eschews the option of a prosthetic, doing little to hide the stump.


Todaisen Nobuhara first approached Yoshiyuki-hime and her generals after the battle for Wakigami Castle. He claimed to know the whereabouts of the real Yoshiyuki-hime’s body, and implied knowledge that the one before him was a fake. Promising not to bring this to the public’s attention, he asked in return for the new Daimyo to instate him as high priest of Todai-ji, and to take him on as one of her advisers.

Further questioning from Hashinara Katamoto, under his guise as Katsusada Shishauezaemon, revealed that Nobuhara was in competition with a priestess called Yokokazu Ume for control of Todai-ji. Yokokazu represented the Miko, and drove for radical changes to the way the temple’s forces were organized, with less segregation, while he represented the Onmyouji, and stood for an upholding of traditions. Katamoto thanked him for his offer, and dismissed him with an assurance that the Daimyo would have a decision soon.

After speaking to Ume and hearing her part of the story, as well as the ideals for which she was striving, Katamoto, with his generals, devised a way to divide power between the two. By their plan, Nobuhara and Ume would be high priest and priestess of the temple respectively, the former in charge of the Onmyouji and the latter in charge of the Miko. The two would make decisions together, but in case of a disagreement, one of them would have the power to override the other. This power of veto would be determined by a test of combat between the two candidates.

Though unhappy that he would have to share power with Ume, Nobuhara agreed to the contest and faced off with the high priestess on the temple’s wall. Though he and his summoned Shikigami hounded and wore down Ume, landing two telling hits and almost defeating her, she eventually countered with a spectacular attack that sheared off Nobuhara’s arm at the elbow, sending him into unconsciousness from the shock, from which it would take him several days to recover.

Nobuhara later worked with Hashinara Katamoto in research on the remains of Takamimusubi. Together, they were able to determine that the general’s body was merely a ceramic vessel designed to contain some manner of supernatural spirit. Nobuhara was confident that, with the imprint the creature had left on the remains, he could call the spirit back into the vessel, but was unsure if he could control it afterward. Not wanting to take the risk, Katamoto dismissed him and set aside the remains for a time.

Feeling as though he was falling into obscurity, Nobuhara began, after the Chosokabe campaign, to write regular missives to Katsusada Shishauezaemon, using his connections and Shikigami to inform the clan leaders of important events from across the nation.

Some time after the Hashinara conquest of Shikkoku, Todaisen Nobuhara was, with some aid from Chosokabe Nobuchika, summon and control the Forsaken entity known as Takamimusubi. Establishing a magical bond to keep his spirit tethered to this world, Nobuhara replaced his previous familiar, a shikigami called Akagane no Kubimaru, with the new arrival. Takamimusubi proceeded to act as his bodyguard when his services are not required by any of the clan’s higher staff.

Nobuhara played a large role in the tournament held by Hashinara Katamoto, under his assumed name of Katsusada Shishauezaemon, to celebrate his declaration of war upon the Oda clan. As well as setting up the basic structure of the event, reviewing and accepting participants, and devising a system of rules, Nobuhara also sat near Katamoto during the event proper, introducing and giving background for each fighter as they entered the battle.

Todaisen Nobuhara

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