Scholarly Oni general.


One of the three Ooeyama-doji Oni generals working under the Mori clan. Though just as tall and muscular as his brother, Hoshikuma-doji, Torakuma is much more intelligent and well-spoken. He prefers scholarly pursuits to the chaos of battle, but the intellectual challenge presented by military tactics fascinates him. He is very protective of his sister, Kanaguma-doji.

Art source: トゥヨシ


Torakuma-doji spoke as a representative for the Mori clan when meeting with Aotsuki Tsukamoto in Matsuyama, Iyo province. Though he was not explicitly ordered to do so by Mori Motonari, he saw no harm in committing his forces to aid the Hashinara army in destroying the Chosokabe, thus ending the threat he and his siblings were sent to protect. He first, after some convincing, lent a squad of Blue Oni to Aotsuki, with Hoshikuma-doji’s permission, to aid him in taking Sanuki province, with promises that he would rally the rest of his forces and be ready for a full-scale attack on the Chosokabe capital afterward.


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