Tsuchimi Takasuke

Rough, stern Daimyo of Kawachi.


The Daimyo of the Tsuchimi Clan and ruler of Kawachi Province. A stern, older man who speaks in a polite, if taciturn manner and seems to have great faith in the abilities of himself and his troops.

Art source: ぽちはる


Tsuchimi Takasuke was contacted by Hashinara Katamoto in order to broker a possible alliance against the Chosokabe, who had recently invaded and conquered Kii one province to the south. He replied with a short letter stating that he was confident that the Chosokabe would have no interest in his province, and that he would be able to deal with them if they did invade, as well as that his forces were available for hire if the Hashinara Daimyo felt so inclined.

Later, Ryuuzaki Sanosuke encountered Takasuke while watching the road leading from the Kii capital of Wakayama up to Kawachi. The Tsuchimi Daimyo was riding to Wakayama to join the resistance in fighting against Chosokabe, ultimately in a bid to recruit the one called Oniwakamaru, who was said to be causing the occupying forces a great deal of trouble. Sanosuke reminded Takasuke of the forces present at Wakayama, and advised him against going forward with only one squad of cavalry, but Tsuchimi seemed confident in his own ability, and politely ignored the suggestion.
Sanosuke returned to his own forces and, with help from Ishikawa Goemon, set up in a location that would make it easy to charge to Tsuchimi’s aid when the other inevitably ran into trouble. This took only a few hours, and soon Ryuuzaki and his small army joined the battle to find Takasuke fighting a losing battle against a stronger Chosokabe force while struggling to evacuate what was left of the resistance.

Preceding the Hashinara invasion of Awa, Ryuuzaki Sanosuke and Aotsuki Tsukamoto came before Tsuchimi Takasuke to ask his aid in the coming war. Owing his life to Sanosuke, and a favor to the Hashinara clan, the Daimyo agreed, and set off with a squad of cavalry samurai to Wakayama, where he put himself under their command.

During the battle at Awa Harbor, Takasuke encountered Motoyama Tsugutoshi and, noticing her sudden shift in attitude from militant to panicked, managed to convince her to lay down her weapon and surrender.

Returning home after the Hashinara conquest of Shikkoku, Takasuke was later visited by Ryuuzaki Sanosuke, who attempted to persuade him to assist his clan against the potential threat offered by the Ryuuzouji clan to the north. Takasuke was not as accommodating this time, however. In his eyes, he had more than paid back his debt to the Hashinara, and had no reason to offer his services again without a price. As such, he claimed that he would be willing to assist, but would require payment, as per usual mercenary contracts. Sanosuke proved unwilling to go through with this deal, and so returned to Yamato without having gained the assistance of the Tsuchimi armies.

Some time after the Ryuuzouji incidences, Takasuke reappeared as a participant in the festival tournament held by Hashinara Katamoto, under the name of Katsusada Shishauezaemon, to celebrate his declaration of war on the Oda clan. The Tsuchimi Daimyo faced a Chinese sorceress known as Huolian in his first fight, but promptly forfeited upon seeing her fly over a hundred feet into the air in just a few seconds.

In his second match, Takasuke had the misfortune to fight Chosokabe Kanetsugu. The graceful Kyonshi dodged his first strike easily, then used the force of the attack to slam him into the ground, rupturing Takasuke’s stomach and almost killing him instantly. Immediate medical attention was required to prevent the Daimyo from dying on the spot.

Tsuchimi Takasuke

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