Tsukijo no Yumeno

Beautiful eldest daughter of the Tsukijo family.


The beautiful daughter of Tsukijo Hanahane, and princess of the Tsukijo family. She is renowned around Wakigami for her polite manner, charm, and, not least, her figure.

Art credit: らむ屋


When Aotsuki Tsukamoto and Yoshitaka Hitsuie attended Tsukijo Hanahane’s ball, Yumeno was briefly seen inquiring about the fracas caused by the Cloaked Figure. Aotsuki, taken by her beauty, attempted to approach her, but was rebuffed by Hanahane, who, his flamboyant friendliness gone, asked him sternly to leave while ordering Yumeno back inside.

During the Igamono insurrection in Wakigami, Tsukijo no Yumeno was kidnapped and the Tsukijo manor used as a headquarters for the group’s members. Further, an unknown individual disguised themselves convincingly, down to the clothing and voice, as Yumeno in an attempt to get close to the Hashinara’s leaders. This imposter was detected and killed, with the real Yumeno being found hidden in a barrel in the cellar; bound and gagged, but otherwise unharmed.

When Aotsuki Tsukamoto was called away to deal with business involving the Shinsengumi during the Hashinara festival tournament, Yumeno was called in to be a temporary replacement round girl for the fights. She officiated several matches before Aotsuki returned.

Tsukijo no Yumeno

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