Tsunawara Mishiko

Stalwart samurai bodyguard.


A moderately tall, sturdily-built young woman who acts as samurai bodyguard to Tanahase Muramatsu, with whom she was apparently childhood friends. She is naturally distrustful and wary, reacting with disproportionate response to any perceived threat on her master’s life.

Art credit: らむ屋


Aotsuki Tsukamoto and Matsumoto Ooawagaeri encountered Tsunawara Mishiko while conducting negotiations with Tanahase Muramatsu in Shima province. She seemed to take an instant dislike to Ooawagaeri, and kept her eyes on him throughout the entirety of the meeting. When he released his pet(?) squirrel from the confines of his clothes, Mishiko attempted to rescue Muramatsu from the fuzzy critter, but it turned out not to be necessary.

MIshiko later appeared as a participant in Katsusada Shishauezaemon‘s celebratory tournament. Her first opponent was a mysterious armored swordswoman, whose skill was quickly revealed to far surpass Mishiko’s own. In a single exchange, the swordswoman put a katana to Tsunawara’s throat and demanded her surrender, to which Mishiko acceded.

In her second round, the first fight of the losers’ bracket, Mishiko faced off against Yamanaka Yukimori of the Hashinara. Though her opponent was a skilled acrobatic swordsman, and dodged several of her attacks, his strength was not enough to pierce her heavy armor, and she soon wore him down by way of sheer fortitude and persistence, earning her a victory.

Tsunawara Mishiko

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