Tsutsumi Houzan

Enthusiastic vigilante leader.


Self-proclaimed leader of the Yamashiro Vigilante Association, a group which she made up on the spot. Loves training, fighting, and has apparently been instilled with a strong sense of justice by the master who taught her how to use her twin juttes. Stands tall for a woman, though shorter than many in the Hashinara clan, and the results of her training are obvious, giving her a fit swordsman’s physique.

Art credit: らむ屋


Tsutsumi Houzan led a group of a hundred peasants and workers, her so-called Yamashiro Vigilante Association, on a counterattack against the Hashinara general Baby Huey, who had attacked the fortress she had been present at. Despite Huey’s immense strength and Houzan’s skill, the two clashed and found themselves evenly matched, with the Oni unable to land a strike, and Houzan unable to disarm her opponent.
After speaking with him, Houzan determined that Huey needed to be brought to justice by way of his superiors, and so went in search of them across the battlefield. Via a tip from the nearby Tea Bucket Men, she found Chosokabe Nobuchika, and, after being directed to Ryuuzaki Sanosuke, arranged a meeting with Katsusada Shishauezaemon, a high-ranking leader in the Hashinara and the supposed real power in the clan.
When Shishauezaemon returned from his visit to Echizen province, he held a hearing with both Baby Huey and Tsutsumi Houzan, and offered a compromise. Both individuals would enter the tournament the general was planning to hold in a few day’s time, and whichever one won would have to join the other’s association. That is, if Baby Huey won, Houzan would be forced to join the Tea Bucket Men, while if Houzan was victorious, Huey would join the Yamashiro Vigilante Association.
Acutely aware that the aforementioned Vigilante Association was not a real organization, and the peasants composing it had all already gone home, this seemed like a win-win situation for Shishauezaemon, who plotted for Houzan, a fighter of obvious skill, to join the Hashinara regardless of the tournament’s outcome.

In her first match, Tsutsumi Houzan was pitted against Fujibayashi Nagato, a ninja leader of known skill. Despite her impressive defensive skills, Houzan was taken by surprise by Nagato who was, after all, a ninja, and defeated in a single strike. Though the blow from Nagato’s kama knocked her unconscious immediately, Houzan did not suffer any lasting injuries.

Houzan’s first opponent in the losers’ bracket was a mysterious, elegant swordswoman bearing a long, heavy-looking blade. When Tsutsumi managed to block her first attack, suffering only minor wounds, her opponent was pleased to have an opponent that might be able to withstand her signature technique. The elegant swordswoman was proven wrong, however, as the next strike separated Houzan’s head from her shoulders, killing her instantly.

Hashinara Katamoto was quick to recover Houzan’s body and bring her back to life as an undead creature, albeit with the skills and memories she had in life. To the outside observer, and to Houzan herself, there is little difference now, save that she need not eat, drink, or sleep, and often wears a scarf to hide the wound on her neck.

Tsutsumi Houzan

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