Dungeon-dwelling Youkai.


A Youkai in the form of a dark young girl with purplish skin and horns. She claims to live in Wakigami Castle’s dungeons, but none who frequent that area have seen her there. Apparently, she appears only to people who need to see her, though the reasons for this are unknown.

Art credit: lack


Utsutsuki appeared to Matsumoto Ooawagaeri in his room just after midnight, and bid him hide with her under the tatami. Ooawagaeri acceded, and slipped under the floorboards just in time to avoid being found by the blue Kitsunebi and Vengeance, who had infiltrated the castle in search of him.
When the two intruders had left, Utsutsuki introduced herself and explained that she lived in the dungeons below Wakigami Castle. When Ooawagaeri offered to allow her better living conditions by way of thanks, she seemed to have trouble understanding the idea. Utsutsuki soon left by way of tunnels which led out from under Ooawagaeri’s room, after assuring him that, if it became necessary, they would meet again.


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