Dedicated revolutionary leader.


The leader of the Igamono insurrection in Iga province, able to create clones of himself that, unlike illusions, share his full combat ability. He wears fearsome armor and holds himself with pride, the image of a ninja leader, but underneath is but a rather unassuming-looking man with black hair and unshaven stubble.


Vengeance appeared in the midst of combat between his Igamono ninja and the Hashinara clan, who had arrived in Iga province to aid Fujibayashi Nagato. He created three clones of himself, to a total of four Vengeances, and engaged various enemies, eventually converging on Baby Huey the Oni. Working together with his clones, and utilizing his incredible speed, Vengeance was able to fell the hulking brute before two of his bodies were destroyed by Tsukuda Katsuo. Another clone fell to a team of Ishikawa Goemon and Ryuuzaki Sanosuke working together, and his main body was knocked out by Kamimusubi, posing as Yoshiyuki-hime.
After the battle, Vengeance was captured and his equipment confiscated.

Vengeance was later visited by Hashinara Katamoto in the Wakigami castle dungeons. Katamoto offered him a new purpose in working for the Hashinara clan, but Vengeance answered that he would rather die than become a Daimyo’s dog, and asked for an honorable death. The other bid him to consider his offer before taking his leave.

Some time later, Vengeance had a hand in a plot to deface the Hashinara clan by having an impostor act as Katsusada Shishauezaemon and tell an emissary from the Shogunate not to interfere in their clan’s business. The extent of his involvement is unknown, however, as he was kept chained in a dungeon, and held at the brink of consciousness with a very low level of Ki at the time.
Nevertheless, when the Hashinara’s generals left to meet with the Ryuuzouji clan, taking the Kyonshi who had watched over him with them, Vengeance saw his opportunity and escaped the dungeons.

Vengeance later appeared in Matsumoto Ooawagaeri‘s room after midnight during the time of the tournament. He was accompanied by the blue Kitsunebi, with whom he seemed to be allied, but it was obvious to Ooawagaeri, who was hiding under the floor with Utsutsuki, that the two did not get along. Soon after discovering that their target was not present in the room, both left for fear of being discovered by the Hashinara’s other generals.

Some days after, three copies of Vengeance, accompanied by a group of Igamono ninja, ambushed Hashinara Katamoto and his generals as they went forth to rescue Ooawagaeri from his captivity at the hands of Matsumoto Hiegaeri. Though his force had the advantage in surprise, Vengeance instead chose to announce his presence and his intentions to defeat Katamoto once and for all before attacking. Perhaps as a result, his ninja were routed, many of them dying, and the rest fleeing after all three of his copies were defeated.


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