Yamanaka Yukimori

Materialistic ronin-turned-samurai.


A man who was originally a ronin, then went into service for the head of the Yasutane clan and later his son, Yasutane Hisatsuna. A tall, attractive man with fire-red hair usually tied back in a ponytail, he is a seasoned swordfighter, the evidence of which shows in his physique.

Art source: ハル


Yamanaka Yukimori was present and participated in the first battle of Wakigami castle, when Hashinara Katamoto and his band, posing as Yoshiyuki-hime’s supporters, fought Yasutane Enmonzaemon for control of the castle. Though he was quick into the fray and cut down Matsumoto Ooawagaeri with a single blow, he was surrounded by Raizou, “Yoshiyuki-hime” (actually Aotsuki Tsukamoto), and Ryuzaki Sanosuke, quickly succumbing to their combined onslaught.

Following the events of the battle at Wakigami castle, Yukimori pledged his loyalty to Yoshiyuki-hime, not much interested in the politics of the situation. He stated that as long as there was coin, and he could continue to pretend to be a “real samurai”, his sword was hers.

During the battle at Awa Harbor, Yamanaka Yukimori, acting as Matsumoto Ooawagaeri’s bodyguard, bravely engaged an entire squad of enemy ashigaru. He was overwhelmed by their attacks and the arrow fire from the walls, however, and sustained a serious injury to his leg. Seeing his predicament, Ooawagaeri flew to him, cast a spell relieving him of the need to breathe, then threw him out of combat and into the water under the boat, likely saving his life.

Yukimori redeemed himself in the battle of Sanuki province, during which he faced off against a powerful Nue and managed to wound it, opening the way for others to weaken the creature before he landed the finishing blow. Participating in many battles, but not in a notable role since, he later entered into Katsusada Shishauezaemon’s celebratory tournament, facing against an Uesugi general and Tengu named Nakajo Kageyasu. As could be expected, Yukimori was defeated handily, as Kageyasu appeared flying from behind him and knocked him out with two strikes from her tonfa. As the Tengu held back on the second blow, Yukimori was left unconscious but not seriously harmed.

In his second battle, the first fight of the losers’ bracket, Yukimori fought Tsunawara Mishiko, who had also lost her original match. While he was able to dodge many of her attacks, Yukimori proved unable to land a powerful enough hit to pierce her thick armor. In the end, he was worn down and knocked out, losing the match and removing him from the tournament.

Yamanaka Yukimori

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