Yasutane Enmonzaemon

Brother of the Yasutane's previous Daimyo.


Brother of the Yasutane clan’s former head, and uncle to Yasutane Hisatsuna and Katsuhisa. A bear of an old man with thick muscles and leathery skin, still strong and spry despite his advanced age.

Art source: Naura


Yasutane Enmonzaemon arrived just before Yasutane Hisatsuna turned over rule of the province to Yoshiyuki-hime, presumed rightful Daimyo, but actually Aotsuki Tsukamoto in disguise. Bellowing his anger at Hisatsuna for giving up so easily, he entered into combat with Hashinara Katamoto and his band, fighting valiantly despite his age, before being killed in gruesome fashion by Ryuuzaki Sanosuke.

Yasutane Enmonzaemon

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