Yasutane Hisatsuna

Deposed Yasutane Daimyo.


General Rank: F

The former Daimyo of Yamato province after inheriting the position from his father. A stern, impatient, and ultimately incompetent man who let his council do most of his ruling for him.

Art source: ハル


Yasutane Hisatsuna decided not to take action when confronted by Hashinara Katamoto and his band with the possible return of Yoshiyuki-hime. When faced by Yoshiyuki-hime herself, actually Aotsuki Tsukamoto in disguise, he was prepared to hand over rule of the province to her, but was interrupted by Yasutane Enmonzaemon. He then escaped from the ensuing conflict and hid in the castle.

Following the events of the battle of Wakigami castle, Hisatsuna pledged his loyalty to Yoshiyuki-hime, who graciously spared his life, returning the Yasutane to their original position as a vassal clan.

Yasutane Hisatsuna

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