Yokoji Masamitsu

Captain of the Guard at Wakigami Castle.


General Rank: D

A stout, serious man who served as military leader of the Yasutane clan under Yasutane Hisatsuna’s rule. He is direct and curt, usually preferring to stay silent, but shows a more forceful, animated side when in battle.

Art credit: ハル


Yokoji Masamitsu was present at and participated in the first battle of Wakigami Castle, where Hashinara Katamoto and his band, posing as Yoshiyuki-hime and her supporters, fought Yasutane Enmonzaemon for control of the province. Though he fought bravely and received only minor wounds, he surrendered when Ryuzaki Sanosuke cut down the great warrior Enmonzaemon right next to him.

Following the events of the battle of Wakigami castle, Masamitsu pledged his loyalty to Yoshiyuki-hime. By her decree, he would continue to serve the Yasutane in their renewed position as a vassal clan to the Hashinara.

Having dropped into obscurity for quite some time, Masamitsu resurfaced as a participant in Katsusada Shishauezaemon’s celebratory tournament. Hoping to show off his combat skills and the results of his training, he was instead immediately and magically seduced by Byouyuugan Aika, his first opponent, laying down his weapon and leaving the arena with her.

In his second round, against Muchimaro Masuyo, Yokoji fought his hardest, not wanting to disappoint Aika, who was watching from the stands. While he did not seriously wound his opponent, he also managed to not be killed by the Bakeneko, producing about as good an outcome as could be expected.

Yokoji Masamitsu

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