Yoshifumi Enjou


A member of the rare species known as Kasha, powerful relatives of Bakeneko and Nekomata whose duty it is to carry away the souls of the dead after they perish. Yoshifumi Enjou has affiliations with the Hyakki Yagyo, serving as a scribe to the organization when her services are not required by Izanami, Goddess of Death. Highly intelligent, she quickly cuts to the quick of any issue, but the keenness of her mind is accompanied by a series of odd quirks. Most notably, Enjou has a tendency to ignore that which she does not understand, or people who annoy her. In addition, she holds a habit of going through information verbally when thinking deeply, muttering things to herself while others wait awkwardly for her to finish.

Art credit: コトバノリアキ


Yoshifumi Enjou first encountered the Hashinara clan when she found Katsusada Shishauezaemon and his merry bunch traipsing around the enchanted glades in Ise Province, though she had heard of them from her colleagues in the Hyakki Yagyo long before this. Recognizing them just in time to stop from attacking these intruders, instead introducing herself and explaining that the area was under the protection of her organization. After some polite interaction with Shishauezaemon, and some emphatic ignoring of Prince Frederic Hideaki, she learned that they were in search of a fire rat’s robe, subsequently offering to take them to Agni, the Hindu God of Fire, whom she knew to have a fire rat in possession.
Aotsuki Tsukamoto, Hideaki, Shishauezaemon, and Hosokawa Gracia accompanied her to Agni’s Temple by way of a hellish sort of teleportation which left all of them rattled. While there, Enjou mostly watched, though she did once remind Agni that she was under no obligation to follow orders from the god of fire following a previous disagreement with Izanami.

Yoshifumi Enjou

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