Yoshitaka Hitsuie

Laid-back archery general.


A man of middling height with a handsome face and a laid-back attitude who served as head bowman under the Yasutane family. He seems friendly with everyone at first meeting, but quickly tires of people he finds boring, later avoiding them if he can.

Art source: ハル


Yoshitaka Hitsuie was present and and participated in the first battle of Wakigami Castle, when Hashinara Katamoto and his band, posing as Yoshiyuki-hime and her supporters, fought Yasutane Enmonzaemon for control of the province. He stayed well out of melee combat, firing arrows ineffectually at Raizou until both Yasutane Katsuhisa was killed by Ishikawa Goemon and Yasutane Enmonzaemon by Ryuuzaki Sanosuke, both in rapid succession, at which point he surrendered to the Hashinara clan.

Following the events of the battle at Wakigami castle, Hitsuie begrudgingly pledged his loyalty to Yoshiyuki-hime. By her decree, he would continue to serve the Yasutane in their renewed position as a vassal clan to the Hashinara.
That evening, Hitsuie met with Aotsuki Tsukamoto per their previous arrangement to spend some time on the town in search of women. By his own suggestion, the two went to a “ball”, or Western party held by Tsukijo Hanahane, whose daughter, Tsukijo no Yumeno, was said to be a stunning beauty. Upon arrival at the party, Aotsuki entered without issue, but Hitsuie was accosted by guards demanding that he take his grubby appearance elsewhere. Hanahane defused the situation, chatting with Hitsuie for a short time before pushing him aside in favor of the more handsome Aotsuki.
Thus shunned, Hitsuie made his way to the wine table, at which point he tried to pick up a heavily cloaked, but full-figured woman who was downing goblets of wine in an endless stream. Goaded on by Aotsuki and Hanahane, he eventually grabbed a goblet out of her hand and was rewarded with an immediate and powerful punch to the face, sending him across the courtyard to lie unconscious in a crumpled heap by the wall.

Yoshitaka Hitsuie labored in anonymity for a time after this, which was perfectly acceptable to him. When word arrived that an emissary from the Ashikaga Shogunate had gone missing en route to Wakigami Castle, however, Hitsuie was called upon by Hashinara Katamoto to help track the missing politician. Despite his reluctance to return to active duty, he accepted without complaint, and proved instrumental in locating the location of the Igamono, even killing the leader of the ninja ambush, who had disguised himself as a simple clerk.
During the battle below Tsukijo Hanahane’s estate, Hitsuie’s arrows aided in harrying the enemy Igamono, making them easier for allied generals to strike down, and he managed to kill one of the ninja with two well-placed shots. When the battle ended, he was one of the last men standing, and was subsequently promoted, given an official position in the Hashinara army, much to Hitsuie’s own dismay.

Yoshitaka Hitsuie

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