Supposed daughter of Hashinara Katamoto and figurehead Daimyo of the Hashinara clan.


The daughter of Hashinara Katamoto, she was killed in the assassinations which led to the downfall of the Hashinara clan several years ago. A fake Yoshiyuki-hime has been put forward by Katamoto to be a figurehead, often a trained maid or Aotsuki Tsukamoto wearing her signature armor, while he rules the clan from the shadows.


“Yoshiyuki-hime” appeared at Wakigami Castle in a cloud of smoke, demanding through her interpreter that Yasutane Hisatsuna turn over the castle and rule of the province to her. Though interrupted by an attack from Yasutane Enmonzaemon, she and her supporters defeated the old warrior and Hisatsuna ceded control to her and the Hashinara clan with no further protest.


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