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  • Tsukijo Hanahane

    It was one of Tsukijo Hanahane's caravans that [[:hashinara-katamoto | Hashinara Katamoto]] and his supporters captured and used in order to infiltrate Wakigami Castle. -- When [[:aotsuki-tsukamoto | Aotsuki Tsukamoto]] and [[:yoshitaka-hitsuie | …

  • Tsukijo no Yumeno

    When [[:aotsuki-tsukamoto | Aotsuki Tsukamoto]] and [[:yoshitaka-hitsuie | Yoshitaka Hitsuie]] attended Tsukijo Hanahane's ball, Yumeno was briefly seen inquiring about the fracas caused by the [[:cloaked-figure | Cloaked Figure]]. Aotsuki, taken by her …

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