Awa Province

The province of Awa lies in the southwestern corner of Shikoku, bordered on the North by Sanuki and Tosa to the West. It was at one time a mostly agricultural land, focusing on the growing of vegetables and home to sprawling rice fields in the Southern part of the province. However, the majority of this has been disrupted by the invasion of the Chosokabe, who destroyed most of the infrastructure and killed the majority of the peasants. Only a few outlying villages remained, having not yet been reached by the invading forces.
The capital of Awa is Tokushima, but the majority of activity happens at Awa Harbor, which, despite being several miles away, is more fortified and was at one point more populated than the city itself.

Capital: Tokushima

Ruling Clan: Hashinara

Bugyo: Juntoku no Chukyo

Power Income: 5
>Juntoku no Chukyo (Trading 340) +4
>Trade with Nishiuwa clan +1

Defense: 2

Military Might: None (Garrison 1)

Available Troops: Yari Ashigaru, Bow Ashigaru

Awa Province

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