Awaji Province

An island province located northeast of Shikkoku. Once called the “road to Shikkoku” due to the ease with which it is possible to cross by ferry from Harima to Awaji, then from Awaji to Sanuki, the island now rarely visited for this purpose. Instead, Awaji is currently a popular place for the exile of those disgraced in the eyes of the Emperor.
It is said that the island resembles a prison, watched over by thirteen wardens, in which the exiled prisoners labor at thirteen different tasks, all toward some unknown purpose. Travel to Awaji is highly discouraged, and those who do venture into the province rarely return alive. Whatever takes place on the island is officially sanctioned by the Emperor, and so Daimyo and other leaders around the country tend to simply avoid Awaji, as meddling in the province’s affairs would likely end in their own exile and imprisonment in the very same.

Capital: Unknown

Ruling Clan: Reijou

Military Might: Unknown

Awaji Province

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