17128983_p0_master1200.jpgA type of Youkai thought to be created when a common cat reaches a certain age or partakes of the blood of humans. Despite the morbid manner of their creation, Bakeneko are not inherently evil, though they do tend to be mischievous and, in stories, hold a thematic link to the act of revenge.
Bakeneko normally appear to be human, but may have some catlike features such as ears, a tail, slit pupils, and claws. In addition, they are generally faster and tougher than normal people, able to move both quickly and gracefully. It is said that Bakeneko are able to take the form of a cat as suits them, and this cat form is unique for each individual, representing their body from the time they lived as an ordinary cat.
The type of cat a Bakeneko originates from has some effect on its temperament and disposition. Domesticated cats which become Bakeneko tend to be calmer, more affectionate, and more easily fit into human society, though they still bear a very feline sense of independence and aloofness. Bakeneko from feral cats, in contrast, are much more wild and violent, often continuing to live in the wild and hunt food despite their more human appearances. It is these Bakeneko that are often depicted as attacking humans in folklore, although common people are unlikely to know the difference.
An alternate form of the Bakeneko is the Nekomata, which are formed though the same methods but always have two tails and a somewhat stronger spiritual power. It is unknown what causes a cat which has reached the status of Youkai to become a Nekomata rather than a Bakeneko.

When making a Bakeneko character, apply the following modifications at no DP cost.

Gnosis: 10 (15 for Nekomata)

- + 1 STR (to a maximum of 10)
- + 2 AGI (to a maximum of 13)
- + 1 DEX (to a maximum of 10)
- + 2 POW (to a maximum of 13, Nekomata only)

Essential Abilities:
-Attuned (Cats)
-Superhuman Physical Characteristics
-Superhuman Spiritual Characteristics (Nekomata only)
-Unnatural Size
-Physical Need (Sleep)

-Natural Weapons
-Increased Reaction +20
-Increased Movement +1
-Mystical Resistance +20 (Nekomata only)
-Advanced Metamorphosis (Special)
-Night vision
-See the supernatural

Advanced Metamorphosis:
All Bakeneko and Nekomata are able to transform into a cat form at will. This cat form is unique to each individual, and is the same as the body they had when they were a normal cat, prior to becoming a Youkai. There is no limit on this transformation, and the character may stay transformed or in their humanoid form for as long as they wish. Switching between forms is an Active Action.


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