empty_samurai.jpgHumans who have had their essence destroyed by the Void and replaced with a sentient cloud of darkness that harbors only echoes of its former life. Forsaken require a vessel, usually a suit of armor or set of clothes, to occupy, and vanish into nonexistence when destroyed, leaving only their equipment behind. Because of their natural emptiness, they take less damage from attacks, and are naturally able to use Nemesis abilities. However, Forsaken have no will of their own, and must be commanded in order to fight.

When making a Forsaken character, apply the following modifications at no DP cost.

-+ 2 CON (to a maximum of 13)
-+ 2 POW (to a maximum of 13)
- -10 WP (to a minimum of 1)

Essential Abilities:
-Superhuman Physical Characteristics
-Superhuman Spiritual Characteristics
-Without Unconsciousness
-Does not breathe
-Does not eat
-Does not sleep
-Immune to natural poisons
-Immune to natural diseases
-Immune to climactic phenomena
-Psychological Immunity
-+120 Martial Knowledge (can be used only to purchase Nemesis abilities)

-May not use or develop Ki abilities or techniques.


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