Harima Province

A province located on the southeastern side of the Chugoku region of Japan. While sparsely populated in the north, there are several thriving towns along the coast of Osaka bay to the south. Harima is ruled from Himeji castle, far from the bustling areas to the south, in a mountain crook surrounded by only a small, partially abandoned town. Legends say that Himeji castle is haunted, and that all manner of evil spirits and Youkai roam its halls at night. Regardless, the Kuroda clan occupies the castle as they have for generations.
Also of note is Iwa-jinja, the province’s primary shrine. Dedicated to Ookuninushi, a goddess of farming and medicine whose worship has become more popular in recent decades. As such, the shrine is a popular pilgrimage destination for those who wish her blessing.

Capital: Himeji

Ruling Clan: Kuroda

Military Might: Unknown

Harima Province

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