A clan which can trace its ancestry back to the emperor through the Ashikaga Clan. Because of their closeness to the imperial family, the Hosokawa are favored by the government, and control a great deal of land for a minor clan. The head of the clan’s seat is in Osaka Castle, Setsu Province, and they are known to focus more on politics and the excellent trading opportunities afforded them by their access to Osaka Bay, rather than military matters.
The clan Daimyo was killed in 1559 by an alliance between the Hashinara and Ryuuzouji clans. When Hosokawa Gracia, his daughter, traveled to Izumi to retake control of her holdings, she too was killed, ending the clan line.

Daimyo: Hosokawa Gracia

Provinces Held: None

Clan Seat: Setsu

Clan Mon: Mon_Hosokawa.JPG


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