A clan which has historically ruled Ise Province, and has strong ties to the multitude of temples and religious sites within their lands. Though they are not actually religious leaders themselves, the Ichinomiya clan act as intermediaries through which the heads of all the temples and shrines interact; this in addition to performing their normal duties as ruling clan of the province. Though the clan still holds power, it is said that the Ichinomiya Daimyo grows old, and has no suitable heir. It is expected that he will adopt a trusted member of his staff into his clan to secure the succession, but also that another family will attempt to seize power if this is not done soon.

Daimyo: Ichinomiya Hachiro

Provinces Held: Ise

Strengths: Religious ties, magic, indigenous Youkai.

Weaknesses: Elderly Daimyo

Known Generals:
>Matsumashita Daiki

Military Might: Unknown

Clan Mon: Ichinomiya.png


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