Ikko Ikki

A collection of farmers, peasants, monks, and a few minor lords that has come together under charismatic leaders to form something similar to a minor clan. Despising the current feudal system of Japanese government, they aim to overthrow this regime and instate a democratic council run by and for the common people.
Under the direction of a Shinto-Buddhist monk named Rennyo, they have successfully taken control of Noto province and are working toward expansion into other areas of Northern Japan. It is rumored that they have covert support from the Daimyo Uesugi Kenshin of nearby Echigo province.

Leader: Rennyo

Provinces Held: Noto, Etchu, Kaga

Clan Seat: Noto

Strengths: Religious zeal, appeal to commoners.

Weaknesses: No political power.

Known Generals: Unknown

Military Might: Unknown

Clan Mon: ikkoikki_mon.png

Ikko Ikki

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