Kii Province

Kii Province is located on the Kii Peninsula, southwest of Yamato Province. Though it covers a relatively large stretch of land, the province is mostly unremarkable. Its unique climate makes it well suited for growing oranges in the summertime, and this is the area’s main export. A high valley at Mount Koya, somewhat removed from the province’s capital, is home to Kongobu-ji, one of Japan’s first Buddhist temples.

Capital: Wakayama

Ruling Clan: Hashinara

Bugyo: Tsukijo Hanahane

Power Income: 7
>Tsukijo Hanahane (Trading 165) +4

Defense: 2

Military Might: None (Garrison 1)

Available Troops: Yari Ashigaru; Bow Ashigaru

Kii Province

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