A clan which has traditionally ruled over Bungo province in eastern Kyushu. As their holdings formed an important intersection between major trade routes for the Chosokabe, Mori, and Shimazu clans, the clan enjoyed much prosperity until a few decades ago, when the disappearance of the Chosokabe badly disrupted their income.
Kobayakawa Hideaki, the previous Daimyo of the clan, was recently killed in a duel with a strange, foreign man calling himself Prince Frederic Charles of Prussia. Prince Frederic took Hideaki’s name for himself as well as rulership over Bungo, but has taken an extended leave from the province in order to avoid a group pursuing him for this perceived crime.

Daimyo: Kobayakawa “Prince Frederic Charles of Prussia” Hideaki

Provinces Held: Bungo

Clan Seat: Bungo

Strengths: Trade connections.

Weaknesses: Daimyo on the run.

Known Generals: Unknown

Military Might: Unknown

Clan Mon: kobayakawa.png


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