46061788_p0.jpgA hopping vampire, Jiang Shi, or Kyonshi is a type of undead created by the placing of a special talisman upon the forehead of a corpse during a necromantic ritual. In rare cases, a Kyonshi may arise from corpse that has not been properly buried or respected, but only Kyonshi created through rituals have a talisman, through which their creator can control them. Physically powerful and hardy, though with relatively low dexterity, hopping vampires retain most of the abilities they had in life. In addition, they are able to jump incredible distances and sustain themselves on the Ki, or essence of those they hunt.

A corpse that becomes a Kyonshi keeps their original levels and statistics, but applies the following for no DP cost or benefit:

- +3 STR (to a maximum of 13)
- +2 CON (to a maximum of 13)
- -2 DEX (to a minimum of 1)

Essential Abilities:
-Physical Exemption & Regeneration 0 (As undead)
-Superhuman Physical Characteristics
-Unnatural Size

-Movement Value +2 (only when jumping)
- +100 racial bonus to the Jump secondary ability.
-Ki Drain
-Control Talisman

Ki Drain: Unlike other undead, Kyonshi are considered to have Ki points and can develop Ki abilities. A Kyonshi that damages an enemy may choose to also deal 1/10th of that damage to the enemy’s ki reserve. If it chooses to do so, the Kyonshi adds this amount to their own ki reserve. Kyonshi do not regenerate Ki naturally, and a Kyonshi with a Ki pool of 0 becomes inert until it receives at least 1 point through Ki Transmission or a similar ability.

Control Talisman: A Kyonshi created through a ritual has a talisman on its forehead that both grants it power and allows its creator to control it. Kyonshi with this talisman automatically regenerate 1 Ki point a day. However, if the talisman is removed they immediately lose all Ki points and become inert until they receive at least 1 Ki point, the talisman is replaced, or another talisman is placed on its head through a new ritual. Forcefully taking a talisman off the forehead of an unwilling Kyonshi is an opposed characteristic check with the aggressor using DEX and the Kyonshi using AGI. The Kyonshi gains a +2 to this check, due to an instinctual protectiveness toward the talisman.

Creating a Kyonshi: The creation of a Kyonshi is a ritual which requires a ritual based off the spell Raise Corpses which consumes 250 Zeon points and at least 10 points of Ki. The Zeon and the Ki do not need to come from the same person. The caster also requires a pristine length of paper cut into the proper dimensions and knowledge of the correct characters to write on the talisman (Occult 120). Once completed, the corpse Immediately rises as a Kyonshi under the caster’s control, and applies the modifications listed above. The Kyonshi’ starting Ki pool is equal to the amount put in to the ritual (at least 10, but up to a maximum dictated by the corpse’s Ki pool).
This ritual can also be used to restore a Kyonshi which has lost its talisman or all of its Ki points. In this case, the Zeon cost is only 100 and the Occult check is reduced to 80. The Ki cost remains the same. A Kyonshi revived in this manner is loyal to the one who cast the ritual, and not its original creator.


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