Leadership, Tactics, and Fielding Troops

When engaging in battle, there is a limit on how many troops may be fielded by each side. This maximum is determined by the leader of the force, and his or her Tactics and Leadership scores. These scores are added together, and the resultant number can be used to dispatch generals and squads of troops.
If a general is dispatched by the leader, their Leadership and Tactics skills may also be added to the total score for that side, further increasing the number of units that may be fielded. Each general’s own cost is subtracted from this total, but the individual who is designated as the leader has no cost of their own.
Generals have different fielding costs, based on their rank, while squads of troops may be dispatched for a flat 50 points each. The costs of generals, by rank, are listed below:

F – 10
D – 25
C – 50
B – 75
A – 100
S – 150
SS- 300
SSS – 500

S-rank characters are significantly more expensive in view of their potential to singlehandedly turn the tide of battle. However, this cost can be avoided if the S-rank is designated as the leader of the army.

Note that these rules for fielding troops in battle apply to all characters in Tsuwamono, ally and enemy. In addition, garrisoned troops acquired by increasing a province’s defense score do not have a cost associated with them, and may be dispatched freely in defensive battles for that province.

Leadership, Tactics, and Fielding Troops

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