A clan which historically has held control of Iyo province in the northwestern quarter of Shikoku. As lords of a prosperous agricultural and farming province, they have enjoyed significant monetary success, but take little interest in politics, instead preferring to keep to themselves and their people. The Nishiuwa Daimyo are traditionally seen as being closer to the common man than most lords, and are generally humble about their power and success.
The previous Daimyo gave the clan’s official support to the shipyards in Matsuyama, and as a result, the operation has grown to become the largest of its type in Japan. His son, and the current Daimyo, Nishiuwa Matsutake has continued this support, and the high-quality ships produced in his holdings, then sold to other clans at reasonable prices, have gone far to improve relations with various other powers.
Recently, the Nishiuwa clan has been facing pressure from the Chosokabe, who aim to conquer and control the entirety of Shikoku. Not having a large military force themselves, they have turned to the Mori clan in the north, with whom the Nishiuwa have a favorable relationship, largely because of the aforementioned ship trade. Mori Motonari dispatched a sizeable number of troops in their aid, and with their aid the Nishiuwa have so far been able to keep Chosokabe invaders out of their province.

Daimyo: Nishiuwa Matsutake

Provinces Held: Iyo

Strengths: Prosperous province, famous shipwrights, favorable clan relations

Weaknesses: Low military strength

Military Might: Unknown

Known Generals: Unknown

Allied Clans: Hashinara

Clan Mon: Nishiuwa.png


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