A clan which once held power over Hizen province in Kyushu. Their rule was cut short when the Daimyo of the time, Ryuuzoji Matashichiro, defeated Nabeshima Mitsushige in a game of go. Enraged, Mitsushige cut down Matashichiro on the spot, and took control of the province for himself. Matashichiro’s mother, grieving the loss of her son, confided in her pet cat, which she had raised from birth, before committing suicide. It is said that the cat lapped up the blood and transformed into a Bakeneko, then exacted terrible revenge upon the Nabeshima clan for their betrayal.
The Ryuuzouji clan vanishes from recorded history at this point. Recently, however, a family calling itself Ryuuzouji has appeared without warning in Setsu and has staged a successful coup against the Hosokawa clan, driving them out of the province and into Izumi.

Daimyo: Ryuuzouji Takanobu

Provinces Held: Setsu

Strengths: Bakeneko

Weaknesses: Unknown

Military Might: Unknown

Known Generals:
>Ryuuzouji Masaie
>Ryuuzouji Matashichiro

Allied Clans: Hashinara

Clan Mon: 688px-Japanese_Crest_daki_Gyouyou.svg.png


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