Sanuki Province

A province located on the northeastern part of Shikoku. Sanuki holds a long history of producing noted monks and poets, and is seen as something of a producing ground for, if not a focal point for, cultural figures. Beyond this and its easy access to Osaka bay, the province bears no particular strategic or mercantile value.
Sanuki was traditionally ruled by the Miyoshi clan from their seat in Takamatsu, but more recently fell into the hands of the Motoyama family. Their reign lasted only a few decades, however, before they were crushed by the Chosokabe, who now hold the province.

Capital: Takamatsu

Ruling Clan: Hashinara, Motoyama

Bugyo Daimyo: Motoyama Tsugutoshi

Power Income: 2

Defense: 2

Military Might: 3 (4 garrison)

Sanuki Province

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