A massive, heavily armored ship designed to be a floating fortress. What it lacks in maneuverability, it makes up for with six heavy ballistae and a thick steel plating on its outside. Capable of carrying four squads in full cover.

Category Weaponmaster; Level 3
Initiative 15 LP 6070; AT Natural 8 (ENE 0); Attack 0 Movement 25
Damage Resistance; Weapons Heavy Ballista x4; Damage 175
AGI: 1 DEX: 5 CON: 15 STR: 5 PER: 0 INT: 0 WP: 0 POW: 0
Abilities: Feats of Strength 60
Resistance: PhR 55, DR 55, VR 55, MR 40, PsR 40
Essential Abilities: Physical Exemption, Psychological Immunity
Powers: Aquatic Movement, Damage Barrier 100
Special: Captained Vessel, Full Cover, Manned Weaponry

Captained Vessel: A captain piloting a ship may make a Navigation check at the beginning of each turn. The vessel may use the result of this check as its initiative score for that round. In addition, for every degree of success above Difficult that the captain achieves, the ship’s movement value increases by 1 for that round.

Full Cover: All squads upon a Tekkosen are treated as having full cover from ranged attacks. Attacks aimed at these squads strike the vessel and are treated as attacks against the Tekkosen instead. Attackers may attempt to shoot a single target through the arrow slits at a -120 penalty.
Squads within a Tekkosen may not fire on enemies outside the ship. Up to 20 individuals may, however, fire through arrow slits at a -20 penalty, and six individuals may also man the heavy ballistae with no penalty. As with the manned weaponry, only half of these 20 shots may be aimed at any single target.

Manned Weaponry: A ship may not fire its own weaponry. However, individuals or members of a squad on the vessel may use the weaponry as though they themselves were wielding it, using the speed and damage from that weapon’s profile. Because of the way in which they are situated, a ship with traditional weapon installations may fire a maximum of half of its shots at any single target.


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