Tosa Province

Tosa, located in the Southwestern quarter of Shikoku, was once known as a land of researchers and scholars, a city of learning sponsored and governed by the Chosokabe. In recent history, the clan seemingly vanished for several decades, cutting off all contact with the outside. When the Chosokabe reappeared, it was as a conquering army intent on taking over Shikoku and the lands beyond.
It is unclear what happened in Tosa province, and none who have entered the province in search of answers have returned. From a distance, however, it appears as though some kind of massive cataclysm has wracked the land. The earth is parched and bleached almost white, with jagged, cyclopean shards of black masonry jutting from it at odd angles. In the sky above the capital, it is as though a huge hole has been ripped in the sky, leading to a black void above. Below this, more shards of obsidian, fragments of rock, and even entire roads and buildings float in the air as though suspended without gravity.
As a result of its scholarly history, the capital city of Tosa, Nankoku, is not strictly a castle town, and is not well fortified. In the past, it would be an easy target for an invading army, but this may no longer be the case.

Capital: Nankoku

Ruling Clan: Hashinara

Power Income: 1

Defense: 0

Military Might: None

Available Troops: Forsaken Ashigaru, Forsaken Bow Ashigaru, Forsaken Samurai, Forsaken Bow Samurai

Tosa Province

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