Tsuwamono-era Japan and You

This is the era of warriors and legends, and the characters in Tsuwamono represent this. Individuals may attain much higher levels of skill and power than are commonly considered possible in our own history, and strange forces such as magic, ki, and even psionics are known of and accepted by the public at large.

Only people of great skill may attain these powers, great generals and Daimyo whose mere presence can turn the tide of a battle. Though each clan may field great masses of troops and devise cunning strategies to bring their opponents down, it is the actions of these individuals that will truly decide the course of a conflict.

In game terms, players are among these remarkable personages, and begin play at level 2 to represent this. In keeping with the power and skill that led them to their position, the clan Daimyo will instead begin play at level 3, and will continue to be 1 level higher than the other players.

Human is the default race, although others will be considered upon request, and all abilities in the Anima rule system are open for use with no restrictions.

Additionally, powerful or otherwise influential characters will be referred to as “Generals” in battle. This is not analogous to the Western military term, but rather a catch-all for these individuals who are a force by themselves on the battlefield.

Tsuwamono-era Japan and You

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