A clan in the Northeastern part of Japan, known for its strong religious beliefs and their holy, almost divine aesthetic. Those who do not both swear loyalty to the clan and adhere to their ideals are not granted entry to their holdings, so little is known of the Uesugi clan, save that they hold a strong rivalry with the Takeda. The clan Daimyo is said to be an incarnation of the God of War himself.

The Uesugi Clan’s holdings are known as “The Land Closest to the Heavens”, but little is known of the people who populate them.

Daimyo: Uesugi Kenshin

Provinces Held: Echigo

Strengths: Religious Zeal

Weaknesses: Unknown

Known Generals:
>Nakajo Fujikasuke
>Nakajo Kageyasu

Clan Mon: Uesugi_Ensign_TWS2.png


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