Upgrading Troops

Squads of units may be upgraded either in level or into other squad types through the expenditure of power.

Leveling up squads: In order to increase a squad’s collective level, that squad must be paid one power for each level they are going to achieve. In addition, they must spend a number of days training in a province of at least that level equal to the level they are achieving. For example, for a level 1 Ashigaru unit to achieve level 3, 2 power must be paid, and that unit must spend 3 days training in a province of at least level 3.
After a unit has leveled up, they will receive their own profile and will be referred to by the squad leader’s name, with (Squad) attached to the end, rather than the generic squad name.

Upgrading squads: In order to upgrade a squad into another squad type, that squad must be paid an amount of power equal to the cost of the unit they are upgrading into, minus the amount of power the squad originally cost. This power cost is further reduced by 1 for veteran point the squad has accrued, to a minimum of 1. Veteran points are obtained by participating in a battle and either dealing damage to or receiving damage from an enemy squad or general.
Once this power cost is paid, the squad must spend a number of days training in a province in which the unit they are upgrading into can be recruited equal to the original power cost of that unit.
Squads which have already obtained levels through upgrading retain those levels when they are upgraded. For instance, a level 3 Ashigaru squad will have attained 2 levels, and would therefore become a level 5 samurai squad (usually level 3). Squads leveling in this way do not require a certain province level to proceed.
Troops can upgrade into any squad that is the same race and gender as their original squad. Ashigaru are treated as being human, but genderless for this purpose. These race and gender limitations may be overcome with the use of magic.

Squad upgrading example: A level 3 Ashigaru squad with 2 veteran points is trying to upgrade into a squad of Kunoichi. The power cost for this upgrade is 6 (the original power cost of the Kunoichi), minus 2 (the original cost of the Ashigaru), minus 2 more (for 2 veteran points), resulting in a final cost of 2. The squad must then spend 6 days training in a province that can produce Kunoichi. The resulting Kunoichi squad will be level 6, to reflect the 2 levels the squad gained while they were Ashigaru.

Upgrading Troops

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