Yamato Province

The Yamato province, located inland and bordered by the Yamashi, Ise, Shima, Kii, and Kawachi provinces, is mostly temperate and mountainous, with a few patches of forest being the only inhabitable areas. The land is known for heavy rainfall and warm climates, with little snowfall and relatively comfortable temperatures even in winter.

Wakigami is the capital city and main hub of trading and commerce in Yamato, located on a shallow mountaintop in the northeastern part of the province. Here, the Yasutane family rules from a castle overlooking the rest of the town, following the eradication of the Hashinara family, the province’s previous rulers, just one generation past. Wakigami is also known for Todai-ji, one of the most active temples in current Japan, and a popular training site for fledgling onmyouji.

Ruling Clan: Hashinara

Power Income: 4
>Trade with Tanahase: +1

Defense: 2

Available Troops: Yari Ashigaru; Bow Ashigaru; Bandit; Miko; Onmyouji; Katana Samurai; Bow Samurai; Ninja; Kunoichi

Yamato Province

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