A minor clan which, though originally involved in some minor trading and textile production, suddenly rose to power after the assassination and assumed death of all living members of the Hashinara Clan. The Yasutane were believed to be directly involved in the coup, but there is no hard evidence to this conclusion.
Recently, just as suddenly as they rose to power, the Yasutane fell after Yoshiyuki-hime of the Hashinara herself appeared in Wakigami castle in a cloud of smoke, demanding that rule be returned to her. After a pitched battle and subsequent victory against Yasutane Enmonzaemon, the current clan head, Yasutane Hisatsuna ceded control to the Hashinara.

Daimyo: Yasutane Hisatsuna

Provinces Held: None

Strengths: None

Weaknesses: Incompetent Daimyo

Military Might: None

Known Generals: Yoshitaka Hitsuie, Yokoji Masamitsu

Power Production: 1

Vassal of: Hashinara

Clan Mon: Yasutane.png


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